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How it all started…

Hello there!  I am Louise Jones, the WAHM (work at home mom) behind the Boegoe Bugz range.  We are a home-school family with four girls.

In 2011 I started “Die Hekel Hoekie”.  I mostly made crochet bootees and hats.  Later on I added customized handbags and scarves.  As the years followed (and the children!) I also taught myself the skill of sewing.

In 2016 I was introduced to the world of cloth nappies.  It was love at first sight!  After purchasing a few nappies I just had to try my hand at making these. (And bought many more after that!!!)

Since I love crochet so much, I designed “The Boegoe Bugz crochet soaker pattern” made with 100% Merino wool.  The pattern can be purchased at my online shop in pdf format.

My husband and I fell pregnant with our fourth in 2017.  With my love for sewing and my new love for cloth nappies I just knew I wanted to bring these two together.  I made our new bundle of joy a newborn stash.  Bernina at that point also hosted a charity competition in which the contestants had to design and make adult diapers.  I entered the contest and to my surprise, received 2nd place!

Winning a new quality brand (Bernette) sewing machine and over-locker, initiating my WAHM career.

Louise Jones

P.S. Have a look at my products in stock.  I am also open to custom-orders.  Feel free to contact me.  (Do check out our denim nappy range!)

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